Westcott Reflector Arm Extreme


In 2013 when I started this project I knew I needed some reflectors to bounce light back. So I decided to get a Lastolite Trigrip that came with a set of covers. It looked perfect for the way I wanted to work without an assistant but on my own.

In the real world it is really difficult to operate a camera plus hold a reflector in the right position without getting arm ache. So the solution to this is to get the Lastolite Trigrip bracket which allows you to attach the reflector to a stand. 

This hasn’t really worked out for me which you can read about on my main site here. So to solve this problem I have just purchased the Westcott Reflector Arm Extreme.


It is really well built to hold a huge range of different sizes of reflectors. And when it is packed away it is the same length as my light stands which is handy to transport.


I wish I had purchased this sooner. The Trigrip bracket isn’t a total waste as I can use parts of it for other things but I do wish I had known three years ago what I do now.  

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