Future of photography

I’m going to warn you now that this could be a bit of a rambling post. So I won’t be offended if you decide to skip this and head over to your favourite cat video.

This isn’t about the future of photography as an art form but more about the direction the technology is heading and my thoughts on it.

As you may know when I started in this game I was shooting rolls of film in a 35mm camera. Once or twice I did get my hands on a medium format film camera which I did enjoy using.

For all you tech nerds like me out there it wouldn’t have passed you by that the likes of Hasselblad and Fuji have brought to the market what people are calling affordable medium format digital cameras.

Medium format cameras at their height in the film days weren’t exactly cheap but what these companies are offering now is in line with that market.

So for a person like me who loves their equipment whose main camera is a DSLR is my future sticking with this form factor or is it going smaller with the mirror-less or larger with the medium format?

You invest a huge amount not just in money but effort in learning what is possible from squeezing the limits from whatever kit you have. So it isn’t a light decision when swapping to another work flow.

Unless you are super rich which most people aren’t trading in your old system for a new one is only going to happen after hours of research.

It may not seem it but we really are living in interesting times in the world of digital photography.

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