Wish list – August 2016


Picture courtesy Nikon

While Canon have brought out another version of their 5D camera it has made me think about getting another body. So I’ve been looking at the Nikon D500 to see if it fits my needs.

As you may know I have a Nikon D3 which I purchased used on an Internet auction site back in 2011. It is full frame and I do like the way it feels in my hands. But it is getting on a bit and the latest cameras are loaded with a lot more functionality than older cameras.

So does the D500 have what I need? For starters it doesn’t have a pop up flash. Which is good. I can’t stand the things. I know that it can get you out of a hole if your main flash stops working and is useful as a trigger for remote flash work but I just don’t like it. The split in the prism of the camera where the pop up flash lives just doesn’t appeal to me.

But can I live with a crop sensor? It is nice to make your long lenses longer just by the fact that you are using a crop sensor but the downside is that you need to go to super wide just to get a normal wide. Doing what I’m doing now with my own gear I very rarely shoot wide and if I do want that I will still have my full frame D3.

It would be good to have a slightly smaller camera body once in a while which was why I had been looking at the Df.

Now thinking about it a bit more, is this camera a would like to have item in my bag or a must have? And I have to say it is a would like to have.

Round of applause to Nikon for making the perfect back up camera body.

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