Smart chargers aren’t always that smart. I purchased a Hedbox RP-DC50 for my NPF batteries and thought that instead of having the same type of battery in both slots I would get a plate for my Nikon D850 batteries. Putting one of the D850 batteries in the charger and leaving it for a bit, I … Continue reading HEDBOX RP-DC50

Practice makes perfect

I wish I had got one of these in early 2020 rather than now in August 2022 to practice my lighting techniques with. Obviously it isn’t exactly like the real thing but having something to try out the theory on without having to worry about their reaction is a good way to hone my skills.

Phone app for lights

There is a trend for new lighting equipment to have the ability for them to be controlled via your phone. To be able to control your lights standing next to your camera rather than having to physically access your lights, especially if you have taken time to position the light at a precise angle is … Continue reading Phone app for lights

High end gear

I was watching this YouTube video by MarkusPix and it made me question my current obsession with high end equipment. If you scroll through the articles on here it is all about the top end expensive kit and very little about the entry level products that my wallet would appreciate. First of all I have … Continue reading High end gear

Bye bye DSLR

The talk of the town has been that Nikon is shutting up shop on the DSLR market. There are many clickbait commentators saying that this is the end of the line for the company. This video from Engadget is a much more balanced view of the situation. I am well aware that my next camera … Continue reading Bye bye DSLR

Profoto A2

Profoto announced the A2 mono light in this press release today. I’m pretty excited about this light because it ticks a lot of boxes for me. The form factor is the same as the B10 lights I own but in a much smaller size. It would have been nice if this light took the Sony … Continue reading Profoto A2


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