Nikon Z9

I’m not the first or am I going to be the last person to be talking about the Nikon Z9 camera. All I know about the camera is what I have seen online so there is very little point in me adding anything to what has already been said. What I do know is that … Continue reading Nikon Z9

Ilford XP2

I said I would test out Ilford XP2 C41 film cross processed in E6 and this is what I discovered. Apart from marking up the film going to the lab that this C41 film was to be processed in E6, I wanted to check with them that I wasn’t going to mess up their chemicals … Continue reading Ilford XP2

The only camera on you

I was just looking back at the files on my computer and sometimes the only camera on you is your smartphone. If that is what you have and you see a shot then you should take it.

Hasselblad 2000 FC

A few weeks ago I had no idea what the Hasselblad V system consisted of. I knew the 500 series are the iconic cameras that everyone recognises. What I didn’t know was the existence of the 2000 and 200 series with their focal plane shutters. So what does this mean? Well, in the 500 series … Continue reading Hasselblad 2000 FC


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