Wish list – October 2020

I recently discovered that Hasselblad have launched a new camera – the 907X with the CFV II 50C back. What is exciting about it is that the digital back can fit on many of their V system cameras. And for those who don’t know what their V system is, it is the iconic square film […]

Nikkor 85mm f2.8D PC-E Micro lens

I’ve been thinking about getting the Nikkor 85mm f2.8D PC-E Micro lens for sometime now. Playing with tilt shift is something that I have wanted to try. So with Nikon doing a 10% discount on DSLR lenses until the end of September 2020, I thought why not take the opportunity. As this is a Micro […]

Down memory lane

I was watching this YouTube video by photographer Matt Irwin about the cameras he has owned during his career. Fascinating the cameras he had and the reasons why he got them. So what is my list of cameras that have shaped my career? Well, the first camera I can remember using, when I was a […]

BlackBerry 5G

I’m a big fan of the BlackBerry phone and was really glad to hear today that they will be making a 5G version of the phone. A lot of people had written off the BlackBerry phone when it was announced that the licensing agreement with TCL would end. I was even worried that it would […]

Nikon D6

I really don’t understand the number of online reviews in which Nikon’s D6 camera is given the thumbs down. Is it a bad camera? No. So what is the problem these reviewers have with it? The way I see it is that this camera was not designed with these reviewers in mind so they have […]

Nikon Speedlights

One of the reasons why I moved away from using my Nikon Speedlights was that I was always getting inconsistent colours in the pictures. You would take one frame and without changing anything the colour would be off. Now that I have a colour meter I can actually see that the flash gun was putting […]

Wish list – July 2020

It hasn’t been easy to think what equipment I would get in July 2020 if money was no object. This list isn’t about kit just for the sake of it but, in my opinion, what is the top of the range equipment that I would use every day. I would love to have is an […]

Sekonic C-700R

You may have noticed that I’ve been learning about the theory of colour and to help me understand what colour the light is around me and how it effects the objects it falls on, I got myself a Sekonic C-700R. This little box of tricks reads precisely what colour the light is. It is so […]

How times have changed

Today I migrated from Tumblr to a WordPress.com site. And during that process of weeding out the posts that I didn’t want over here I was reminded of one of my early ramblings. It was about a website dedicated to image editing. And you can read it here. I don’t know when Fiverr was created […]

Colour theory

Found these YouTube videos that are worth watching if you want to understand the science of colour and those technical charts.


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