Medium format

I was just digging around my files and found the negatives I shot with the Hasselblad that I got to play with ages ago.

From the looks of it, I must have had access to the camera around the year 2000. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been earlier than that as I wouldn’t have been able to take any frames of a completed London Eye.

I have also been seriously looking around for a Hasselblad within my budget and I think there is one on an online auction site. Hopefully I will be able to update with what I have put a bid on soon.

Why have I been looking for a Hasselblad and not another medium format brand? Yes, there might be a bit of badge snobbery but with all the cameras being out of production it makes sense to get the brand which you know will just keep going. Knowing this means that the equipment that might not be the best looking will still be able to do the job. That means that there is no need to look at the best kept equipment at the higher prices to purchase.

So what am I going to do with this camera once I get it? There is no way that at this point in time will I be getting the new digital back for the Hasselblad. So I will be having to shoot on film for now. But what will I do with the film once I have taken the shot?

Having thought about this question, I have decided to shoot transparency film. My thinking is that I want to see what the results are without the need for scanning or printing. There is also the discipline of being spot on with the exposure for transparencies.

I am really looking forward to having to really think about each frame I take and if it is worth paying for the film and processing to take it.

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