Wish list – October 2020

I recently discovered that Hasselblad have launched a new camera – the 907X with the CFV II 50C back.

Courtesy of Hasselblad

What is exciting about it is that the digital back can fit on many of their V system cameras. And for those who don’t know what their V system is, it is the iconic square film cameras that most studios had before the advent of digital.

I have always wanted to have one of these vintage Hasselblad cameras. Years ago I had the privilege to play with one for a few days and there is something really special about using one.

What has stopped me from getting one is that I never did like getting my hands wet with film. Digital technology was something that I embraced wholeheartedly and this might be the perfect solution to my Hasselblad dream.

Only thing is that these old film cameras and lenses are probably going to shoot up in price as more people want to give it a go. Fingers crossed that given time some of the people will get bored of their new toy and decide to sell on.

I want to have a camera that will slow me down. All the new products coming out having face detect auto focus, in built stabilisation and so on speed the process up of taking photos. I want a system to slow me down and this might be it.

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