Wish list – July 2020

It hasn’t been easy to think what equipment I would get in July 2020 if money was no object. This list isn’t about kit just for the sake of it but, in my opinion, what is the top of the range equipment that I would use every day.

I would love to have is an Zeiss Otus f1.4 55mm or an Zeiss Otus f1.4 85mm lens. How great would it be to have some fantastic glass in my camera bag.

If I have to be honest, the Nikon Z series cameras don’t really rock my boat. There isn’t anything in the Fuji line up either which I think wow I must have that.

I would probably spend the money on lighting equipment but I’m not sure what I would get. What looks good on paper sometimes just doesn’t feel right for me. So my quest continues.

21 July 2020 Just figured out how much it would cost to buy a set of three dedolight DLED Turbo Series 7 bi-colour lights with the D-Tap options. The three light mains kit is about £5,000 and the V lock batteries, charger and DC ballast for the lights is about another £5,000. This would definitely be on my list if money was no object.

29 October 2021 I was just looking back at this wish list and I don’t think I would get such expensive lighting equipment. Ever.

The reason why I say this now is that I discovered a really good YouTube channel called Gaffer & Gear. Andrew Lock is an Australian technician who supplies and sets up lighting equipment primarily for TV and film.

If I do really need lighting equipment for that one special assignment it would make sense just to rent it all in from someone like Andrew.

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