Sekonic C-700R


You may have noticed that I’ve been learning about the theory of colour and to help me understand what colour the light is around me and how it effects the objects it falls on, I got myself a Sekonic C-700R.

This little box of tricks reads precisely what colour the light is. It is so precise that it is used in the film and photographic world to recreate the exact lighting on shoots if there is a need to re-shoot on a different day.

I have been learning how subtle variation in lighting can be. And lighting is one of the foundations of modern photography and cinematography. Some have even said this is more important than knowing what the latest camera or lens is.

How a camera sees colour and how we see colour is very different. Being able to use this difference for creative ends looks very simple at first glance. But the more you look into it, the more you realise what a powerful tool this can be.

Just watch how the light changes in this music video at 0:35. It goes from a cool blue to a warm yellow.

Right now my new toy is sitting in “quarantine” so I won’t be able to play with it for a few days. Once I do I will provide an update.

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