Profoto OCF II


Nice job for those of you who noticed that in my previous post I had got myself one of the new Profoto OCF II accessories.

When Profoto announced the new range of Off Camera Flash modifiers, I was interested in the barndoors because in this revised version there is the ability to rotate the doors.


It was the thing that was missing from version one. Twisting the plastic collar to the position the angle of the doors how you wanted them was frustrating. Twisting the plastic collar was not what you could describe as buttery smooth.


The new clip mount makes version two of the barndoors very simple to attach. At the moment it is quite difficult to rotate the doors but I’m hoping that it is just because it is straight out of the box. 

What they did leave out in this version of the barndoors are the cut outs in the square doors for attaching gels and diffusion.


I do get the reasons for removing this. Light can leak out of them and obviously Profoto want to encourage you to buy the new magnetic coloured gels in their collection.


But I will miss being able to do this without having to bring along some clips or taping it down.

Looks like I won’t be giving up on my version one of the barndoors just yet.


Version two of the grids work really well with the new barndoors. The magnets snap to the doors and also now allow them to be stackable. I could never figure out a way to stack version one of the grids.

Getting these grids separate from the grid holder does mean that they don’t come in a bag. So, I will need to find some way of storing them. Hopefully Profoto will bring out a dedicated storage bag. Which I guess won’t be cheap. 

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