Tethering with Capture One

It has bugged me recently that when I open up Capture One I haven’t been using all the features. The tethering option stares back at me saying, “why don’t you use me”. So I decided to get myself a Tether Tools cable for my Nikon D850.


How easy is it to use? It really is as simple as putting one end into the camera.


And the other into the computer.


Fire up Capture One and flick the on switch on the camera.

If you do want to try this yourself I highly recommend watching the tutorials on the Capture One YouTube channel to have a better idea of how to set up the software.

I really have no idea if I will ever need to use tethering in a day to day job. For me this is one of those things that is worth knowing how it works just in case I will need to use it for real.

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