Unboxing – Profoto B10 Plus


I don’t think I would have got this Profoto B10 Plus if for the foreseeable future staying at home is the right thing to do. There are zero photo shoots in my diary until who knows when. Keeping my skill set up is a must.

Having just one Profoto B10 doesn’t allow me to learn what works with multiple lights. And the only way to learn how to work with multiple lights is to have more than one light.

In an earlier post I went through the reasons why I thought the B10 Plus was the best option. Now I have it in my hands these are my thoughts before really trying it out.

Having the B10 and the B10 Plus side by side makes the larger version seem gigantic.

The extra size and weight might be a factor if the need to travel light is a big factor. But when compared to my 70-200mm f2.8 the B10 Plus isn’t really that much larger.

Putting it on one of my light weight compact stands it doesn’t feel too heavy for it. But with the amount of money I spent on it a heavier stand would be more secure.

Now to spend time taking pictures with both lights.

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