COVID-19 Stay at Home

While a lot of photographers are now staying home and unable to create their normal images, there have been a few YouTube videos about what to do while at home.

Here are the some of the best:

There are a few take aways after watching these videos. 

First is that doing something that you don’t normally do actually helps your creativity. It forces you to think about things in a different way. Try things that you wouldn’t normally do. This is a good thing.

Second, with more time to think about what you are doing allows us to look at the world around us more closely. Really observe what is happening. How daylight effects objects. Viewing objects at different angles. Most of the time the world is rushing past us but right now we can all slow down and take our time to watch the things around us.

And finally there is time to think about what we are trying to communicate in the images we are creating.

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