Nikon Mirrorless

This morning Nikon announced the Z series of cameras and lenses.

From the rumour sites and publicity the mount did look bigger than the F mount on their current SLR cameras.

I have said on here before that I was disappointed that due to the technical issues of the F mount there would be a limit to the aperture of Nikon lenses. So it is good news to see that the new Z mount overcomes this problem. In fact the big news of the day is that a Noct 58mm f0.95 is in the pipe line.

There is an adapter for the Z series of cameras so that F mount lenses can be used. I’m sure the small print will mean that a check will be needed to see if the lens you have is compatible with the adapter.

I am excited about the launch today but having seen the native Z mount lenses at launch being either f4 or f1.8 I might wait until the really fast lenses come out before considering replacing my aging Fuji X-E1.

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