3 Legged Thing – Docz

I’ve been looking for a mini stand for my Nikon Speedlight and 3 Legged Thing first brought out Iggy which I thought might fit the bill. But then they launched their new monopod range including the Docz foot stabiliser.


When I investigated the Docz as a potential purchase it did look like a more sturdy piece of kit than the Iggy which is what I wanted. Having a flashgun fall over is not great and now I have a Docz in my hands I can’t see how it can tip over. The spread of the three little legs is huge.


Adding a Frio was no problem. (Which 3LT are selling some of the remaining stock – link to their shop here


The built in ball in the Docz gives you a bit of movement to the attached flash, so you can add a bit of angle to the light. 

So all in all, a great addition to my kit.

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