The future of Nikon

From all the rumour and photography news websites it is clear that Nikon are taking a good hard look at their product line in light of recent financial results.

I’m not about to announce some ground breaking news about the Nikon corporation but wanted to write about what I would like to see product wise from them.

To start, I would love to see Nikon come up with a camera that could compete or beat the Canon C300 Mark II camera.

It is odd for me to say this as I have never really considered myself as a video producer but the reality is that Canon have been stealing a march in this area. If you look at it objectively, it is really difficult to justify having Nikon stills equipment when you have just invested in a Canon C300 Mark II.

The problem for Nikon is that they don’t have a heritage in video when Canon have produced video equipment for the professional market so have a knowledge of what is in demand. But it does mean that having a fresh pair of eyes on a blank sheet of paper you could come up with something ground breaking.

Personally it would be wonderful if Nikon came out with a replacement for the aging Nikkor 135mm f2 DC lens.

And as for camera bodies, I’m really waiting for what comes out this year to see if it is really worth getting a new body. If rumours are right the replacement for the D810 is just round the corner.

I’ve always been a bit of a snob when it comes to camera bodies. I would rather get the one digit (i.e. D5) with built in grip over the three digit (i.e. D810). But having a lighter camera which is more stable on the horizontal when on a tripod is drawing me to the benefits of a camera like the D810 or D500.

When or if I do get a new camera, you will be the first to know here.

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