Nikkor 58mm f1.4 AF-S G lens


I saw this Nikkor 58mm f1.4 AF-S G lens being sold used at a really cheap price and thought it would be a shame to pass on it. 

No time to test it yet but from first impressions it is really light in weight for a lens that is big in size. From what I can tell the previous owner did not exactly abuse it but it does have the feel of it being well used. So even though it may not be made from tank like materials it does stand up to it being used.

Once I get a chance to use it I will of course report back.

27 July 2016 Now that I’ve had the chance to properly use this lens I’m pretty impressed with how good it is.

The auto focus is good. Nice and fast together with accuracy. I like the focal length plus the images from it.

It is the lens that is now attached to the camera most of the time. Sorry 85mm f1.4 you will just have to be patient just like the other lenses.

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