Fujifilm X-Pro2

Picture courtesy Fujifilm

As you may know I am the owner of the Fujifilm X-E1 and it is a great little camera. When I was looking at purchasing the X-E1 I did consider the X-Pro1 as an option but found it a little bit large for a compact camera. With the X-Pro2 now out, is it time to either upgrade to this or the X-E2S.

I never thought about replacing the X-E1 with the X-E2 as there was never enough difference for me to make it worth while and on the face of it the X-E2S is no different. The new spec sheet does not blow me away.

It is a different story with the X-Pro2. With a 20 megapixel count it was worth having a look. But at about £1300 I’m not sure if I would rather spend my money on the Profoto B1.

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