Nikkor 24–70mm f2.8E AF-S ED VR

I already have the Nikkor 28-70mm f2.8 AF-S in my camera bag but now that Nikon have brought out the Nikkor 24–70mm f2.8E AF-S ED VR I am seriously considering an upgrade.

Using the Canon gear in my day job with the Image Stabilisation convinced me that getting any electronic help to steady an image is a big bonus. So if I can on the Nikon range I will always try to go for the widest aperture with Vibration Reduction.

The question now is do I give up the 28-70 if I get the new 24-70 or do I just keep the older lens as a back up. After all this the range I think gets the most use and would be a nightmare if I only had one of these lenses and it had to go in for repair.

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