Light stand bag

Ever since I’ve started this project I’ve been having a bit of a logistics problem. How to take my light stands to a shoot. 

I have a Kata light stand bag which is now no longer in production but it is way too big to take on public transport so it is only useful when I take the car. But as I live in London, the car is often not an option. So when I can’t take the car I have to stick a small folding stand in the side of one of my Think Tank Photo rolling cases.

The down side to this is that I can only take one stand and there is no way to also take any of the Westcott Apollo light modifiers.

So I’ve been try to search for a light weight bag big enough to carry a couple of my bigger light stands plus one of the Westcott Apollo light modifiers. What I’ve found so far has been a bit of a disappointment.

I found a light weight canvas bag but it doesn’t come with attachments for a shoulder strap. Some are just too big and heavy. Others that might work have been discontinued.

So my search for the perfect solution continues.

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