Westcott Apollo Mono Mounting Arm

I saw a pair of Westcott Apollo Mono Mounting Arms for sale on an internet auction site and as they were fairly cheap I decided to get them.

What the arm does is to enable to use my Westcott Apollo light modifiers with a mono block type flash head like the Profoto B1 head. 

Having played around with it I’m not sure I would use them on a real shoot. The screws that attach the Apollo to the arm via the plastic block are really tight. Taking a spanner or pliers on a job isn’t great. But it does remind me that it would be a nice Christmas present to myself in getting a good multi tool.

To be fair, I think that after some use the thread in the plastic block will ease up. But still it is fiddly trying to get these thin metal tubes to connect without twisting around. 

Without the expensive flash head in place it just doesn’t feel very stable. I’m sure it would be ok but do I really want to risk an expensive flash head come crashing down?

If I do decide to get the Profoto B1 head I’m going to have to invest in some dedicated soft boxes too I think.

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