L.A. Takedown

If you have seen the film Heat with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, Michael Mann the director had created an earlier version of the film called L.A. Takedown. That earlier version was less polished with a lower skilled cast than the later version.

With this Tumblr account and the other social media accounts I have set up for this project, they are not my first attempts. They are refined versions of previous accounts which were quite frankly embarrassing and long since deleted.

One of the few good ideas I had for a Tumblr post in one of the old accounts was what would I do if I won a nice amount on the lottery or the top Premium Bond prize.

So what would be my dream equipment set up be if I came into a load of spare cash?

Now that is worth giving some thought to.

15 July 2022 Adding this YouTube video made by a fan of the film about Heat being a remake by the director Michael Mann.

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