If money was no object

Having given a few hours thought about what equipment I would get if I was not restricted by the fact that I am not a multi millionaire and I have to pay things like car insurance, here is my wish list.

1. Nikon D3X camera – I know that there is the D4 and the D800/D800E but I like the shape of the D3x which has the two CF slots rather than having XQD slot. Plus it uses the same batteries as my D3.

2. AF-S NIKKOR 35MM F1.4G – Fast wide prime which I have been dreaming about.

3. AF-S VR MICRO-NIKKOR 105MM F/2.8G IF-ED – I’m thinking of doing some close up pictures which isolate parts of the body.

4. LED or continuous lights – I’m not sure what kind but for a three light set up you are looking at over £1000.

There are loads of other items that if money where no object I could list. But I would probably only use them once and then it would just sit at the bottom of my camera bag.

Now which numbers to choose for the next draw… 

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