Modifying Profoto A2

The Profoto Clic OCF Adapter II is now shipping for the A series lights. And as usual it is the high Profoto price of about £260 including VAT. If you add shipping to that, it isn’t cheap.

As I have a B10 that I can use the OCF modifiers with, I’m now not sure if I want to spend the money on this item but use the money elsewhere.

Which got me thinking, is there anything I already own that I could use with the A2? Will any of the modifiers I purchased to work with my Nikon Speedlights work with the Profoto A2?


So I tried fitting the Rogue FlashBender Small Reflector to it. To my surprise it does go around the A2 with no problem.


And it does flag the light pretty well.

But what about the Rogue 3-in-1 Flash Grid?


It is a bit snug fit but does it matter what it looks like if it does the job?


I’m pleased to say that it does a pretty good job in narrowing the beam.

For now it doesn’t make sense to get the Clic OCF Adapter II but it is always an option for the future.

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