Profoto colour accuracy

I was looking back at my tests of the Profoto lights and realised that the B10 Plus, B10 and A2 gave out different colour temperatures from each other.

Here is a reminder of the readings.

A25698K664 lx
B105976K1430 lx
B10 Plus6004K2800 lx

Which made me wonder if they would look different from one another if used together.


The answer is no. When mixed together, to my eye, I can’t see any colour shifts in the different lights.


This is the A2 set as the back light.


This is the B10 set as the fill light.


And this is the B10 Plus as the key light.


This is the B10 Plus and B10 on with the A2 off. And to be honest I think the B10 acted more like the key light than the fill light.

The white balance on the D850 was set to auto.

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