Unboxing – Profoto A2


My Profoto A2 has arrived and it is tiny.


It does look like it is the same size as the picture on the box and weighs like nothing when holding it with either my B10 or B10 Plus in my other hand.


Unlike the B10 or B10 Plus the A2 doesn’t come with a front cap.

In my previous post, I wished the A2 would take the Sony NPF battery to made standard my lighting power sources. But having thought about it a bit more, I guess that the reason behind Profoto using their own bespoke battery is to make sure that the A2 draws the correct power for full power flash. I’m assuming that the electronics in the battery are talking to the unit to work seamlessly.

One thing I don’t like about the A series battery is that there isn’t a level indicator but then most camera batteries don’t have this feature either. The B10 batteries are bigger so I guess they have room for the circuitry to show how much power they have left.

I’ll need to test how these three lights compare to one another at full power.

Switching on the light in continuous mode there doesn’t seem to be a way to change the colour temperature. It looks quite warm to me so I’ll have to see what temperature it is showing on my colour meter.

I’m glad know that I didn’t buy a two light kit for either the B10 or B10 Plus. Having three different sizes of lights allows me to decide which one is the best one for the job. Do I need small and portable or need large with firepower?

10 July 2022 I’ve manage to put my colour meter in front of the A2 and the continuous light is giving me a reading of round the 3500K mark.


The power readings I was getting from the A2, B10 and B10 Plus wasn’t a huge surprise with each light outputting more light than the model down.

A25698K664 lx
B105976K1430 lx
B10 Plus6004K2800 lx

What I also found was that there are extra holes in the A2 that allows the stand adapter for the B10 also fits.


What I’m going to have to wait for now is the Clic OCF Adapter II to allow me to use the OCF modifiers I already own with this light. Profoto are estimating the shipping date as November 2022.

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