Adapter for Hasselblad V-Mount lens to Nikon Z-Mount camera


To prepare for which ever Nikon Z camera body I’m going to get, I decided to get a lens adapter for use on the Hasselblad lenses I already own. It makes sense to have the option to use the glass I already own.

Yes, I will probably get some native Z lenses but in the meantime the new camera will at least work out of the box without wasting money on a kit lens. I don’t fancy needing to part exchange the kit lens or finding room at the bottom of my camera bag.

The Z mount has allowed Fotodiox the ability to create this adapter. Something that was not technically possible with the F mount.

I was thinking of showing you more pictures of this adapter but as I don’t have a camera there doesn’t seem to be any point. I’ll update this page when I properly get to use the adapter.

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