Ilford XP2

I said I would test out Ilford XP2 C41 film cross processed in E6 and this is what I discovered.


Apart from marking up the film going to the lab that this C41 film was to be processed in E6, I wanted to check with them that I wasn’t going to mess up their chemicals or systems. The reply I got back from them was that it was possible, they rarely did it and that the results are going to be pretty strange.


From my research I knew that it would give a blue tone to the film rather than a black and white result. And over exposing the film would give you back something to work with.


Both these images were over exposed by 2 stops and they have come out better than the frames I exposed correctly and by 1 stop.

Some people might not like the look of these frames but I am actually pleased with the way they look. It is a way of making a night time scene during the day. Well worth exploring more with the rolls I have left and what subjects work with this technique and what doesn’t.

10 July 2021 Have just discovered that Polaroid are producing a Black & Blue Duochrome 600 film which produces very similar end results as what I’m doing with the cross processing of Ilford XP2.

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