Fujichrome PROVIA 100F Professional

My final film review is the Fujichrome Provia 100F Professional transparency slide film.

Anyone following along will know that I purchased some expired rolls of this film to practise and test the cameras on. I may have been lucky with the expired film I got as I have not seen any noticeable loss in quality. I might be wrong when I run through a fresh roll of film.


When I purchased this roll it was still fresh. But now that I have come round to opening the film it has now expired. It hasn’t expired by much and I did keep it in the fridge but is it worth taking the same test pictures as the ones I shot on the Ektachrome and Velvia?

My instinct is not to bother. I have pretty much already decided that Provia is going to be my go to film of choice. If I want to have a different look I can always get a roll of Ektachrome or Velvia for whatever I want to achieve.

What I want to test instead is to see how well the C41 black and white Ilford XP2 film is when crossed processed in E6 to give a transparency slide. So watch this space.

Below for completeness is the tech sheet for Provia.

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