Kodak Professional Ektachrome Film E100

The journey to discover my favourite E6 transparency slide film starts with the most expensive, Kodak Professional Ektachrome E100.


A quick search about films results in plenty of comparisons of what is available. But these results mean that I will be relying on how others are using the films and not the exact way I will be using them. Therefore these tests are how I plan to use my film camera in a “studio” setting.

Looking at the film, it does feel a bit cool to me. The skin tones look okay but without having anything else to compare it with I don’t really want to pass judgement too quickly.

I actually like the slightly under exposed frames rather than the frames that my light meter said were correct. I’m sure that it isn’t specific to this film but all slide films don’t do well when over exposed.

This might be a minor point, but to seal the film once it has been all exposed you need to wet the tape as it is not self adhesive. During these days when hand washing and wearing face coverings is the right thing to do, licking an object that has been in contact with goodness knows what is not the most sensible idea.

Below is the tech sheet from Kodak about this film. I would normally just say here is the link and send you to their website but I do worry that Kodak and Fuji may shut up shop on these products in these financially strained times. Better to have them permanently here rather than sending you to a dead link.

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