First roll of film – part 2

I got my first roll of film back from the lab. And as you can see, I also got myself a cheap A3 LED light box.

Glad that there are no light leaks in the camera which was my main worry.

My other worry was how the expired film would behave. It has done quite well in my eyes. All of these frames were shot at box speed ISO 100 which I did bracket for the outside sky shot. I’m not going to pay too much attention to the slight green cast on the frames taken in the daylight indoors.

I have to admit that I have already shot my second roll of film.

Wasting a blank frame because of user error on cheaper expired film is no big deal. It would really put me on edge if in the back of my mind that every wasted frame was a couple of quid rather than a few pence. So for the time being, I plan on playing around with expired film until I am comfortable in shooting with the good stuff.

When I had the Hasselblad on loan many years ago the must have accessory was a Polaroid film back. Today that same back would be useless as the instant film for it has been discontinued. I would hate to see 120 film going the same way. So the only way to prevent this is to buy fresh film so that the manufacturers can see there is still demand for it. Deciding what my favourite film is a good dilemma to now have.

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