Nikon D6

I really don’t understand the number of online reviews in which Nikon’s D6 camera is given the thumbs down. Is it a bad camera? No. So what is the problem these reviewers have with it?

The way I see it is that this camera was not designed with these reviewers in mind so they have to give it a one star. Saying that the D6 will be that last camera Nikon will make in this range you have to ask the question what camera will the photographers use who need a go any where, any environment, sand, snow, floods and with no repair centre in sight? A camera that the photographer knows will just work in the most extreme circumstances.

If 2020 was a normal year, this camera would have shown its true value during the Tokyo Olympics and not be judged by social media content creators who want you to view their channels.

This camera is all about moving the file as soon as the shutter is pressed to the front page of a newspaper. It is not the camera for attaching to a selfie stick to do your weekly video blog on. It is not the camera to show off to your friends. Each Nikon D6 expects to have a really hard life.

There will be a time in a few years when there will be plenty of second hand Nikon D6 bodies for sale. I’m pretty sure that most of them will be close to their maximum shutter life and if they could talk, have plenty of stories to tell.

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