Stay at Home – Edition 2


Playing with colour is something that takes time to practice and understand. It isn’t something you should be finding out what works or doesn’t on a real life job. So now is the perfect time to experiment and learn.


Time to get mixing with colours.

3 May 2020 I wanted to see if I could use the filters with my Westcott Apollo Strip Softbox 

And the answer is not really. 

The Westcott Apollo series really are just designed for the small flash guns that camera manufacturers make to go with their cameras. When I first tried to put the B10 Plus round the Apollo it was obvious that it was too big. It was hitting the sides of the softbox so was never really going to work. 

With the smaller B10 it does work but the full up and down movement wasn’t really possible. I know that if I used the Profoto OCF gels it would have been a better fit and the barn doors wouldn’t have come crashing down as I disassembled it.

So I’m going to have to look into this a bit more in how I can use these filters in a softbox.

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