Unboxing – Profoto B10 part 2


I like it. The build quality is top notch. It fits nicely in my camera bag. The removable stand adapter helps this. I like the removable battery.

What I don’t know is if the colour output is consistent. When I shoot with my Nikon Speedlights there have been times when one frame changes colour to the next. Something I will have to see on my next shoot.

Using the B10 as a continuous light has an issue which might put off professional use. The display does not show the colour temperature in kelvin which means that the white balance can’t just be dialled into the camera but has to be measured on white.


While I was ordering the B10 I also got the OCF Barn doors.


Barn doors are fairly common in the TV and stage worlds and it is a tool worth mastering.


Is the Profoto OCF Barn doors any good? To be honest I’ve used better.

The Dedolight barn doors I have used have a built in mechanism that rotates the doors easily. The Profoto OCF Barn doors rotate by physically twisting it.


Anyway, time to stop playing and start practising.

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