BlackBerry PRIV

Testing Adobe Lightroom on my BlackBerry PRIV with the obligatory cat photo.

25 March 2016 Now that I’ve had the phone for a month I may as well share my thoughts on it here.

First thing is that it is BIG. Much bigger than my BlackBerry Q10 or Apple iPhone 4. Both of which I like the size of. But the draw for me with the PRIV is the physical keyboard. I’m using it now to write this and I just prefer it to typing on glass.

Using apps like Lightroom is a joy compared to the frustration of the lack of support for the Q10. I know I could use the iPhone but like I said I like the keyboard on the PRIV and Q10.

Only problem with the PRIV is the battery power. With no interchangeable battery I worry that when I need to make or receive a call it will be out of juice. And for day to day that is not acceptable.

So for the time being I’m keeping hold of the Q10 as my main contact phone.

P.S. I wonder if anyone chooses a phone solely on how good the camera is. It is pretty low on my list but then I’m not very far from a full function camera.

Is the camera any good on the BlackBerry PRIV? It is okay at a push. Not fantastic in low light but is fine for social media.

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