Profoto B1


Pictures courtesy of Profoto

Since playing with the Ice Light a bit more since my purchase I’ve come to realise that it isn’t a great long term buy. The main reason is that the battery is not interchangeable so at some stage when it wears out it will not be a simple swap.

So I’ve been looking around for something else and came across the Profoto B1.

From what I can see there are plenty of advantages to this flash. First is that it is pretty powerful. Second, it is powered by a removable battery. So no power cables to trip over. Third, it has a modelling light which you can use as a continuous light source if needs be. Fourth, as it is a flash can “freeze” fast moving action.

The down side is the price. At over £1600 for one head it is not cheap. But having said that Ice Light 2 is over £500.

Time to start saving up my pennies.

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