Coldshoe Fail


On my last shoot I had my PocketWizard and my flash gun attached to my Westcott Adjustable Shoe Mount/Swivel Bracket when it came crashing down. 

Now there is nothing wrong with the bracket. It is a great bracket that I would recommend to anyone. It is built for day in day out use. 

What the problem is is that the cold shoe is not very good. I was always worried my kit would take a dive one day and on the last shoot it did.

Luckily nothing was broken. A few spilt batteries was the only damage. But I would like to try to avoid things like this, so my search was on for a solution.


What I found was the enlight photo frio coldshoe. It is a much better connection between the foot of your equipment and the light stand.

I’ve also ordered some screws which I’m hoping will fit into the bracket so that I can have a bit of angle on the flash. They haven’t arrived yet but when they do and if they do fit there will be a part two to this post.

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