Prime time

Originally posted to 2 February 2013


The lenses I tend to use most are f2.8 zooms. It has been a very long time since I had the discipline of using fast prime lenses.

The remedy to this has been the 85mm f1.4. Which coincidentally one of my favourite photography YouTube channels DigitalRev recently did a video on, 5 Reasons You Need An 85mm Lens.

Having to move your body to frame the picture gives you more time to think about the shot. A zoom gives you several different variations at the twist of a barrel, which is a bit lazy.

Like a lot of Nikon users my plea is for auto focus prime lenses at 1.2 rather than just 1.4. If you Can with a Canon then At the heart of the image should be 1.2 AF.

Fingers crossed that by the time I have saved up enough pennies for the Nikon 35mm AF 1.4 lens that a 1.2 will be out. And if that does happen there will be a few nights where it will be just beans on toast for dinner.

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