Happy New Year!

Welcome 2015. So what is new for you this year?

For me, just before Christmas I got myself an Apple Mac Mini. I couldn’t justify the extra cost of an Apple Mac Pro which would have been roughly double what I paid for the Mac Mini.

I can see you all falling asleep at another review of a computer but with this new toy I am starting to use the latest version of Adobe Lightroom

Having played around with earlier versions on a few occasions I never really got used to it or figured out how it would improve my workflow. As I had some spare time over the holiday season, I managed to watch some of the tutorial videos on Adobe TV

What I have seen so far has impressed me that it is a really power bit of software that if used intelligently can help you do things much quicker.

So that is my New Year’s resolution. Not to write off something just because I didn’t like it first time but to give things a second chance. 

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