Lean In Collection


Credit: Compassionate Eye Foundation

There was a BBC News article on the Getty Images Lean In Collection that I saw today. I had already heard about this collection but didn’t really pay much attention to it.

When I looked into it a bit more I’m not sure if it is just a marketing gimmick or if it will really be a force for good.

Looking at the collection on the Getty Images website there are under 3000 images. I’m not sure how many images there are total in the Getty collection but it seems to me a very small amount compared to what is out there.

Also, there is very little control over what the images are used for. The above image is from the collection and if I so choose, I could use it to illustrate a misogynistic article.

One of the stereotypes in which all of this seems to gloss over is the stereotype of success. If your idea of success is to be good in business or be in a well paid profession, then these images would be right up your street.

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