PetaPixel – Finding the Silver Lining: Why It’s Actually a Great Time to Be a Photographer

A photographer on Twitter posted this article in their timeline the other day and it is a really interesting read.

I’m not sure if it is just being based in the UK or if it is photographers in general like to “moan” or “complain” about their lot in life. It may be just that all photographers are trying to reach a perfection which can never be obtained, but then that is an analysis for another day.

This article is definitely different as it is gives a very positive outlook.

A lot has been written about the demise of professional photography with the rise of the availability of cheap high quality digital cameras. There is now so much photographic material being produced, the argument goes that there is no need for the professional.

But as this article argues, we are living in probably the most interesting times for photography. It is now accessible to everyone. It is no longer the preserve of an elite that can afford a darkroom and the equipment that went with it.

What I think this article is also suggesting is that we are turning a corner. Yes, there is a hell of a lot of material out there but there is only a really small percentage which is really any good.

I do hope that as we go through 2014 more of us demand a higher visual quality from the images that are presented to us. Not a technical quality but quality in imagination. Something that surprises you and stops you to make you think.

Here is to 2014!

PetaPixel – Finding the Silver Lining: Why It’s Actually a Great Time to Be a Photographer

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