Continuous lighting

I’ve been looking at the various options for continuous lighting and there are two options that appeal to me.

The first question is why continuous lighting when I could invest in higher powered studio flash lights. Well the answer is simple, with continuous lights you see what you get. No need to fire the camera as you are setting up the shot. And also there is the benefit of being able to use them for video in the future if that is an area I need to branch out into.

imageAs for the options, I do have experience of the Dedolight system. They are light in weight and really versatile. The beam is controllable and it is easy to add barn doors or a soft box.

The Ice Light is a more recent product launch which is an LED light in the shape of a stick. I’ve not seen one in real life but the fact that it is battery powered appeals to me.

I would not hesitate to get either of these items if I was a multi millionaire. The Ice Light costs about £720 for a pair and a decent Dedolight kit is around the £1500 mark. For that money there are other things I would like to get first.

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