Earlier today I had posted on Twitter that I was now following Reuters on Instagram and that if the images they were posting were  not taken on a phone some how lacked the spirit of Instagram.

On my account today there are five images. Only one of those were taken with a phone. So I’m not really in a position to preach about the type of camera being used to post on to Instagram.

I think my point is that the square format of Instagram reminds me of years ago when I was playing with a film Hasselblad and the difference in discipline using that compared with 35mm film.

There are great examples of when Instagram works well. The above is one from AFP Hong Kong staffer Alex Ogle.

I’m just not sure I, like many others out there, are using Instagram to the full potential. In the right hands it is a wonderful tool. In the wrong hands it is just another way of creating images that should have been consigned to the digital rubbish bin. 

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