On the same day that Apple launched the latest iPhones, Profoto announced the B10. To be honest, I was excited about the Apple launch but now I think I am more excited about the Profoto announcement.

Why? I don’t have a good lighting kit and I have been holding out for the right kit to come along.

You might have seen on here that I would love to own some Profoto B1 heads. But the size of them has worried me. I’m not in a position right now to employ assistants to help me lug the kit around.

At a push you could use the B1 without a C stand and sand bags but would you really want to? I would worry about them toppling over. And you often see on Internet auction sites secondhand B10 units for sale that have cracks which “don’t effect how they work”.

In the pictures, the B10 does look tiny compared to the B1. The price to pay for the size difference is a loss of power. Question is how often do I really need that power?

What about price? I’m sure there is kit which is cheaper but will it last as long and have the accessories to go with it? And if you compare the B10 price with a top of the range iPhone it doesn’t look so pricey after all.


Richmond sunset with the iPhone 6s 4K from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Quick little shoot and edit of some 4k footage shot with the iPhone 6s using the ProCam 3 app, Lanparte 3 axis gimbal and MeFoto Tripod. Graded with FilmConvert. 10% off with code bloom at gopb.co/filmconvert

Blog post all about this including detailed info about the experience, the whole concept of 4K on smartphones and all about the grading here: philipbloom.net/blog/iphone6s/

Music courtesy of Music Bed gopb.co/musicbed
By The Way-May “Solitude”


Le Phantom Du Lac from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

A short relaxing edit of some footage I shot at Lake Geneva/ Lac Leman during a super brief visit to Switzerland to give a talk to the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne. Shot with the DJI Phantom 4 and graded with FilmConvert’s DJI Inspire 1 preset tweaked in Premiere’s Lumetri. Get 10% off FilmConvert at gopb.co/filmconvert or with code bloom.

This is a truly stunning area I wish I had more than a couple of hours one evening and the next morning to capture it. I most definitely have conquered my fear of flying over water!

Read my blog post for more info: philipbloom.net/blog/phantom4

Nikon 1 V2 Speed Project

The Nikon 1 V2 Speed Project – Fashion Photography (by iamnikon)

I first tweeted this YouTube video on 2 June with a follow up tweet that said “Pretty amazing what can be done with modern cameras and the creative desire to make something astonishing”.

Now that I have a Tumblr account, I can add the video they were creating so that it is one coherent article.